Peaze helps developers deliver seamless experiences to users with gasless, cross-chain transactions.

Users can hold ERC-20s on a single chain to fund any transaction on any supported chain: stake on Ethereum, mint NFTs on Optimism, deposit into a vault on Arbitrum, and more.

Peaze’s non-custodial protocol abstracts complexities of gas, bridging, and swapping.

Why use Peaze?

Easy implementation

No changes to your smart contracts are required. Access our automated features with just 2 API requests, and avoid intrusive implementation requirements.

Seamless transactions

Without Peaze, transactions require the following from your users:

  1. Bridge to the correct chain (requires gas, wait for completion)
  2. Swap to the correct token (requires gas, wait for completion)
  3. Maintain gas token balances on both chains
  4. Sign and broadcast transaction (requires gas)

With Peaze, your user’s transaction experience is seamless:

  1. Sign 2 messages

Peaze works as a super-powered relayer, abstracting gas and executing any necessary swapping and bridging in real-time.

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